Our Mission

We have been in the business of providing recreational room games for quite some time now. We started our business decades ago in a small one-room facility. We were the only store that had all the most unique rec-room games one could imagine. With time and recognition, we gradually moved into a larger space and built our online presence. We now are the biggest suppliers of rec- room games. If you have heard of it, we are sure to have it.

  • We make it our business to be aware of some of the best games that are played all over the world. Not only do we ensure that we are aware. We ensure we stock our warehouse with products from the best suppliers around the world.

  • We ensure we import the best quality so that we can offer the same best quality products to our customers. Our team of experts ensures they play the games and are abreast with the knowledge of the latest and best versions of what is available in the market.

  • We would like to offer our customers the best quality at the most affordable prices and hence seek out the best suppliers from around the world. Our volumes allow us to bargain for the best prices and hence transfer the same to you as well.

  • We aim to be the best for our customers and hence our customer service agents are trained to tackle every possible request or issue. We ensure that your requests are well taken care of right from the request to the point of sale.

  • We also ensure our customers get the best after-sales services as well. Our job does not finish with the sales but will continue even after to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We offer services of installation, repair, and restoration as well.